5 Reasons to Volunteer in Ottawa!

5. Have fun!

With so many community organizations, there’s definitely something to pique your interest. There are different types of volunteer positions too, find one that’s right for you! Volunteering will bring laughter and smiles into your life.

4. Meet New People When you volunteer, you never know who you’ll meet. Whether it’s a local celebrity, a great friend, or even a future

employer, it’s a chance to get to know them.

3. Build on your skills

Employers recognize the efforts you make as a volunteer. Volunteer experience looks great on a resume. Also, some of the work you do could lead to a job doing similar work. With our volunteer search option, you can really narrow down what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in fundraising, writing or editing, or even office positions, we’ve got you


2. To do something as a family

Bringing the family together to volunteer can be entertaining and educational. There are some great opportunities out there that are family friendly, and will leave both you and your kids smiling at the end of the day.

1. To make a difference in the Ottawa Area

Helping people makes a huge difference! Whether you’re volunteering at a

festival, or you’re keeping an elderly person companion, the community will look and feel better. Just like random acts of kindness, when you volunteer, your energy and efforts affect the whole community in a positive way.

Why wait? Get involved today!

Visit us online at www.volunteerottawa.ca

Do you have another good reason? Leave us a comment!

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