Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Leo

Not sure how you want to get involved? Your Volunteer Horoscope can help you get started by adding an extra bit of inspiration.
All you have to do is read your horoscope (below) then visit www.volunteerottawa.ca to customize your search for volunteer opportunities! You can also click on any of the Volunteer Opportunity Categories suggested below.

Leo: July 23 to August 22

Leo Zodiac SignFire sign, born in the hottest month of summer. You are consumed with a zest for life! A born leader and as a volunteer you want to save the world and you probably will succeed! When in need, people turn to you for advice and help.

Volunteer Guide: working with children, tutoring, hospital work, visiting the elderly, organizing activities, writing.

Do not hesitate to explore other areas, you are just getting started!

Check back in August to see what our outlook is for Virgo!


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