Things I learned last night

After thoughts of VO’s Board/Committee Workshop from VO’s Education Coordinator, Karen Buckshi

Karen Buckshi, Education Coordinator

Karen Buckshi, Education Coordinator

Why people do volunteer: “They just want to help out with what they’re passionate about. We have to find out what is the best fit for them within our organizations.”

Why people may not volunteer for your organization’s Board – “Someone may not be food-secure, shelter-secure or income-secure but what they do gives us the opportunity to help them.”

Last night was the Board/Committee Workshop – my first that I’ve organized for Volunteer Ottawa since beginning my work here in June. It was very energizing to sit with 20 or so members of our greater Ottawa Community while they discussed all aspects of recruiting members to their boards and committees.

There was great mix of people. From those just starting out in the nonprofit world to others who have vast knowledge of what worked for them as well as sharing the results of some wrong turns they made along the way.

Rose Anne Leonard, our trainer, and I look forward to the next workshop “Volunteer Recruitment” on Wednesday. It’s sold out ! We’re going to have a great amount of idea sharing and learning.

Check out our other workshops online at:

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