Volunteer Voice – Oni the “Haitian Sensation” Joseph

Written by Oni the “Haitian Sensation” Joseph

Oni the "Haitian Sensation" JosephI love Ottawa & have been volunteering for years in diverse communities. Doing so allows me to discover skills and talents that help build a strong vibrant National Capital.

I’ve used arts and culture to build a better Ottawa as a cultural ambassador who uses my art form to promote social good such as organizing the first HIV prevention forum for the Afro Caribbean community in Ottawa, go on many field trips with my children, or sit on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights.

I dedicated my whole life to help those who need it the most by donating my time and talent to raise funds and awareness for many community causes – from HIV prevention to Habitat for Humanity to relief for Haiti.

As part of the Leadership Ottawa team working with the city’s Community Development Framework, I was part of a cross-sector team that worked with Bayshore residents, organizations, police services, businesses, agencies, and government departments to create long-term projects as a volunteer to help make Ottawa a great place to live. This experience inspired me to jump into the race for City Council.

Volunteering has taught me how to be a better citizen, a better parent and artist.

Each one, teach one.


Want to get involved with the organizations Oni mentioned above?

Visit them on Volunteer Ottawa‘s website:

Leadership Ottawa
Habitat for Humanity
The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights

Search VO’s 300 other member organizations for the right fit for you!

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