Volunteer Roundup!

Frost on the rooftops means a warm welcome for volunteers preparing holiday events and activities. Give yourself a gift of participation by calling Volunteer Ottawa, an agency supported by the United Way. We’re at 613-736-5270 and www.volunteerottawa.ca.

Silent and deadly:
Every year 1,700 Canadian women die of ovarian cancer because symptoms went unrecognized. Ovarian Cancer Canada is dedicated to closing this information gap, raising awareness and providing outreach to women with a program called Listen to the Whispers. Hour-long spoken presentations are brought to groups of women in the community by trained volunteers. Good English is necessary. They ask a commitment of four engagements a year. The next training session will be on or about Nov. 20. Call Angela Holzer at 1-877-413-7970.

Been there, done that:
Mothercraft Ottawa serves the needs of parents and child-caregivers through a variety of programs with the assistance of volunteers. One of these programs is Companion, where an experienced parent mentors a family, identifying and developing parenting skills and needs. There will be a two-evening training opportunity Nov. 16 and 18 for volunteers, and another in April 2011. Communication and caring are the prime requisites for volunteers. The annual Gingerbread event takes place on Sunday Dec. 12. Call Lili Kondo at 613-728-1839 ext. 289.

Ready for a closeup:
The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitates injured, sick or orphaned wildlife and returns them to their natural habitat. They also raise awareness on peaceful coexistence with our wild neighbours. And to this end, they’re looking for a volunteer video editor to turn raw footage into a top audio-visual production. Call Linda Laurus at 613-258-9480.

Selling points:
Carefor Health and Community Services provides quality home health care and community support services and has done so for over 100 years. They accomplish this with the assistance of volunteers and public support of their fund-raising efforts. Some computer know-how is required. Call Vanessa Sobie at 613-749-7557 ext. 2180.

It won’t take long:
You can make a difference in the efforts of the Canadian AIDS Society‘s participation in World AIDS Day events, and it’ll only take a few hours between Nov. 14 and Nov. 19. Pick your time, and then help prepare kits, enter data, make phone calls, prepare labels and name tags, and share refreshment breaks. Other volunteer opportunities will also be available in preparation for World Aids Day and throughout the year. Call the Coordinator of Volunteer Programs at 613-230-3580 ext. 110.

Backup team:
IC Africa is a new agency based in Ottawa, and concerned with organizing resources for economic development projects in Ottawa. They’re looking for a volunteer for office help. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you can work as many or as few shifts as you prefer. Call Eugene Nzeribe at 613-683-8008.

Special thanks to the Ottawa Citizen for publishing Volunteer Ottawa’s Volunteer Roundup! weekly in the City Section! Great community organizations and people are benefiting from this great column! www.ottawacitizen.com

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