CUSOCUSO-VSO was created from the merger of two international development agencies:  Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) and Voluntary Service Overseas Canada (VSO).

Combined, they have placed over 12,000 volunteers who have contributed to development solutions around the globe. The two agencies joined forces to work more effectively towards a shared vision of a world without poverty or injustice.

CUSO-VSO is a civil society development agency that works through volunteers.

Each year, CUSO-VSO sends hundreds of global citizens to work on collaborative development projects in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We are one of North America’s leading international development non-profits that works through volunteers.

Contribute to a world of solutions

CUSO-VSO volunteers work at the crossroads between hope and hardship. CUSO-VSO places people of all ages who have the hands-on know-how and perspectives needed to work with organizations working to overcome poverty. The causes of disadvantage and inequity are complicated, and volunteering is not a panacea to poverty – but they believe it can be an important part of the solution.

Get Involved:

Meet CUSO-VSO at an information session tonight, November 23rd at 6:30pm: Are you interested in overseas volunteering, but want to learn more? Join us for an information session and hear from CUSO-VSO staff and returned volunteers.

Advance Registration is required:

Read more on the CUSO-VSO Profile Page on the Volunteer Ottawa website.


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