Tis the Season to Volunteer!

During yesterday’s 2nd Community Action Day 2010, 326 workplace volunteers ventured out to 19 different charitable organizations across the city to lend a helping hand and make a difference in our community.

Volunteer Ottawa began planning Community Action Days with United Way Ottawa back in the spring! Now, we look back to see what was accomplished, and we realize that it was truly worth all the hard work. One of the crowning moments for us was seeing the end result: a smile on the face of someone who just experienced the power of volunteers.

A great example is Shirley (below) from The Good Companions Centre, who just had her nails done by one of the wonderful volunteers from Renu Spa:

The Renu Spa offered manicures and massages to all of the members of The Good Companions centre, holiday music was playing and laughter could be heard everywhere. We even overheard one lady say that she was ready to go out on the town, now that she was relaxed and had her nails done.

Are you wondering how else over 300 workplace volunteers made a difference in our community? Here’s our top ten list! Volunteers…

10. Brightened the days of hundreds of people from all walks of life
9. Supported children & families who otherwise would not be able to celebrate Christmas
8. Fed the hungry
7. Helped caregiver’s provide resources to those they are caring for
6. Fundraised
5. Offered companionship to seniors
4. Decorated long-term care facilities for the holidays
3. Made residences brighter and feel like home for persons with intellectual disabilities
2. Empowered women and supported victims of violence
1. Improved quality of life of those in need

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate, you help make Ottawa the vibrant city we call home. See more photos on VO’s Facebook Album by clicking here.

Did you catch the Holiday Volunteering Bug?

If you want to keep the spirit of volunteering going during the holidays (and year-round!) visit the Volunteer Ottawa website. You will discover 300 charitable organizations offering 1000’s of volunteer opportunities.


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