Soap Box: Slackervism on Facebook

VO logo with volunteer standing on soapboxRecently Volunteer Ottawa came across an interesting blog post by Jayne’s Blog called Slackervism on Facebook.

What is Slackervism you ask?

Essentially, it is a false sense of activism.  A great example would be the recent Facebook campaign to change your profile picture to a cartoon character to raise awareness about child abuse. Hundreds of thousands of people participated yet, very few truly paid attention to the underlying message about child abuse. It was just “fun” to reminisce about growing up.

Can we truly consider this a successful online campaign?

We need to collectively encourage people to “do something” on Facebook for these campaigns to truly be successful. There are simply ways that this can be accomplished. Our two simple suggestions:

  1. Participate AND make an online donation & urge your friends to do the same.
  2. Participate AND put a link to volunteer with a related cause and encourage your friends to give a little time.

These campaigns are a great way to get the conversation started; however,  sometimes the bigger picture, the cause, is lost. With a little push we know this doesn’t have to be the case.

Read the following blog post about Slackervism and tell us what you think…We would also love to hear how your organization measures online success and what types on online campaigns you have started. Have your say, leave us your thoughts below.

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