A Year To Give

There are times in life when you come across great people doing great things. Volunteer Ottawa stumbled across just such a person; her name is Christine Taylor. She is volunteering her time for one full year. If you would like Christine to volunteer for your organization or an organization you support, keep reading and you will find her contact information below.

A Year To Give

This is reprinted with permission from Christine:

Hello, my name is Christine Taylor and I have lived in Ottawa all my life.

In 2002, the company that I owned and worked for had to close and finding work during this period of time was difficult. I stumbled across a volunteer opportunity and what was supposed to be a 4hr commitment per week quickly turned into 60!

Although I didn’t know it at the time, it has forever changed my life. Since then, I have met so many amazing people and organizations.

Almost 8 years later my husband Mark and I are still very active in the community and are now joined by our two children, Sasha and Emily.

Visit my blog or Facebook page which will follow my journey this year as I volunteer throughout our City. My goal is to see what impact a single person can have and on how many others!Christine Taylor

My goal for this year is to volunteer for as many different charities and causes as I can up to 15-20 hours per month.

Please help spread the word by referring my blog, Facebook page and Twitter handle.   Suggest a contact from your favourite charity or leave a post on my wall about it!

Over the year, I will be posting and blogging about my experiences in the hope that you might also volunteer somewhere and post your experiences!

Please take a moment to click on the links below.

Warmest regards,

Christine Taylor
Follow on twitter: twitter.com/year2give
Fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/A-Year-2-Give
Post on Blog: www.Year2Give.ca


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