Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Pisces! (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Pisces SymbolYou are a dreamer, an idealist. You dream of a perfect world where everyone is happy. You believe in people and you are willing to fight for their rights. You accept people around you with the utmost compassion and affection. You are concerned most with the problems of others than with your own.

You are a born scholar and you love to share your knowledge with others. As a volunteer you are a good listener and never judgmental. Being the dreamer that you are, you are often on another planet… “Earth calling Pisces! You are in demand!”

Volunteer Guide:

Click on any of the categories below to browse volunteer opportunities that will suit your unique personality.
Tutoring & mentoring youth, writing newsletters, one-to-one support, helping new Canadians or people with disabilities are just some of the activities you could do! There are many more volunteer opportunities out there – start your search today!

Famous Fellow Pisces:

Johnny Cash, Singer, February 26, 1932
Dr. Seuss, Children’s Writer, March 2, 1904
Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor, March 3, 1903
Albert Einstein, Physicist, March 14, 1879
Michelangelo, Artist, March 15, 1475
Bruce Willis, Actor, March 19, 1955
Spike Lee, Director, March 20, 1957

Not a Pisces?

Check back next month for Aries’ Volunteering Horoscope or click below.

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I am a Scorpio!
I am a Virgo!
I am a Leo!


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