Today I saw the true value of Kindness Week in Ottawa

Written by Kelly Eyamie, Volunteer Ottawa

I was having a normal day, like any other, but something (or should I say someone) just made it better. A wonderful person has anonymously left small thoughtful messages all over our office.

Act 1: I was walking to the kitchen to eat my lunch, and saw this posted at the entrance…

Free ComplimentsSo I took one and passed it along.

Act 2: My smile grew when I saw this message on the mirror in the women’s washroom…

Bathroom mirror message: You are beautiful!

Act 3: I came back to my office and I had a little note, just for me! It says, “I’m glad I work with you.”

I'm glad I work with you.

Thank you to the person who brightened my day and the day of many other people who share office space at the C3 Centre!

The C3 Centre is a community space made up of many non-profits such as the United Way, Leadership Ottawa, IC Africa, LiveWorkPlay,  and the Starlight Children’s Foundation – just to name a few. It is a very inclusive environment, filled with great people doing great things. Today someone just made it that much better!

It’s little acts of kindness, like this, that make me want to be a better person and to continue the good deed. I already have an idea for something that I am going to do for a neighbour tonight!

It’s Kindness Week. Pass it on!

Want more info about Kindness Week? Visit


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