Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Aries! (March 21 to April 19)

AriesWill-o’-the-wisp, the Ram arrives in the spring and love is in the air! You are burning with energy, impulsive and creative. Being near you makes it forever summertime!

With your friends, you enjoy being the leader of the pack. You are a good talker and often surprise people with your philosophical and sometimes Utopian ideas. Volunteerism is part of your life! You enjoy helping people and they often turn to you for advice. Wherever you help out, there will never be a dull moment having you around!

Famous Fellow Aries:

Matthew Broderick, Actor, March 21, 1962
James Lovell, Astronaut, March 25, 1928
Aretha Franklin, Singer, March 25, 1942
Mariah Carey, Singer, March 27, 1970
Vincent Van Gogh, Artist, March 30, 1853<!–em–>
Hugh Hefner, Publisher,
April 9, 1926
Charles Chaplin, Comedian/ Actor, April 16, 1889

Volunteer Guide:
Click on any of the categories below to browse volunteer opportunities that will suit your unique personality.
Working with children or youth, advocacy and counseling, friendly visits to an elderly person, and tutoring. These are just a few ideas -feel free to explore other opportunities since whatever you undertake will be successful!

Not an Aries?

Check back next month for Taurus’ Volunteering Horoscope or click below.

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I am an Aquarius
I am a Capricorn
I am a Sagittarius
I am a Scorpio!
I am a Virgo!
I am a Leo!


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