Happy National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers are everywhere and this week (April 10-16) we recognize the efforts, dedication and impact that volunteers have in our community and across Canada.

Volunteers are everywhere, they tutor and coach our children, they feed the hungry, they provide shelter, they are a huge part of our electoral system, they protect our environment, they protect us, console us, fight for our rights, they help cure disease, they help raise funds… The list is infinite.

Have you thanked a volunteer today?

To all of our Volunteer Ottawa volunteers:

Claire, Natalie, Dawn, Kae, Andrea, Raymonde, Terry, Leona, Laura, Jessica, Vivianne, Glen, Abdou, Jessica, Mary, Megan, Brian, Ishneet, Samantha, Yeo, Christine, Reiko, Valeriu, Kerry, Thomas, Alexandre, Dianne, Sue, Diana, Claire, Nichole, Bill, Susan, Elaine, Elizabeth, BiBi, Caroline, Jeff, Keira, Nancy, Naomi, Nicole, Robert, Sandra, Claudia, Amy, Dobrila, Chris

Thank you.

Looking to Volunteer?

Come to Volunteer Ottawa’s Volunteer Rendez-Vous, on Wednesday April 13th, 2011. Here you will be able to meet and mingle with community organizations who need your help.

Click here for details.


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