National Volunteer Week: Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa

We are celebrating National Volunteer Week by highlighting our member organizations who rely on volunteers to sustain their services and programs. Today we celebrate Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa.

This blog post was written by Citizen Advocacy. Thank you!

Bringing people together: that’s the real goal of Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa

Citizen AdvocacyBeth, a young woman of twenty four, came to us in January of 2008 wishing to fulfill her desire to serve someone in need. She told us, “I really want to volunteer.”  We heard the passion in that statement and set out to accommodate it. Since November 2010 she has been matched to Stephanie who was matched twice before and had been waiting five years for the right volunteer advocate to once again come along.  The two ladies clicked right away and since that first meeting have looked forward to sharing not only each other’s company but also a spiritual connection. They have both chosen and look forward to attending the same church together on Sundays. Feedback from Stephanie’s family tells a story of two people who look forward to being with each other in a relationship filled with trust and kindness. No matter how long this match will last it is clear that much personal growth will take place and, really, isn’t that what it is all about?

Since 1974, Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa has supported over 2,000 people with disabilities and touched the lives of thousands more. Because we work at an individual level, directly with the people we support, the impact is felt on a personal, as well as a community, level. Through the Everyday Champions and Chance for Choice Programs, volunteer advocates help increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of people with disabilities so that they can develop a better sense of overall health. Support networks are created for individuals with disabilities to provide them with a safe and secure future through our Lifetime Networks program. Adults with developmental disabilities are successfully designing a life for themselves through the Real Plans For Real life Program. And Facilitators are working together with individuals with disabilities and their families to create unique life plans through our Person-Centered Independent Planning and Facilitation program. All of this translates into less dependency and a reduction in the use of costly health and social services and greater social inclusion and independence. There are currently more than 330 individuals with disabilities supported by Citizen Advocacy. Citizen Advocacy supports people with a wide range of disabilities, including physical limitations, developmental delays, mental illness, and disabilities related to age.

Want to Volunteer With Citizen Advocacy?

To learn more about Citizen Advocacy and the dozens of amazing opportunities on visit Citizen Advocacy’s page on the Volunteer Ottawa website.


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