Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

TaurusYou are someone who is always ready to lend a hand; your friends can depend on you because you will never let them down. You are stable and strong and you excel in your field of expertise.

Nothing is too difficult or time-consuming which makes you the ultimate volunteer. Busy, busy, you are involved completely. Life for you is a big bowl of cherries and you will see to it that everyone gets their share!

Famous Fellow Taurus’:

Charlotte Bronte, Writer, April 21, 1816
Queen Elizabeth II, British Royalty, April 21, 1926
Leonardo Davinci, Artist, April 23, 1928
Uma Thurman, Actress, April 29, 1970
David Beckham, Athlete, May 2, 1975
Bono, Singer, May 10, 1960
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder & CEO, May 14, 1984

Volunteer Guide:

Click on any of the categories below to browse volunteer opportunities that will suit your unique personality:
Hospital work, friendly visits with the elderly, educating & tutoring and boards & committees. These are only some of the many opportunities that await, check out a full listing of opportunities here!

Not a Taurus?

Check back next month for Gemini’s Volunteering Horoscope or click below.

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I am an Aquarius
I am a Capricorn
I am a Sagittarius
I am a Scorpio!
I am a Virgo!
I am a Leo!


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