Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

GeminiYour two sides are as different as night and day! One minute you are the quiet, silent type and the next you are a great communicator, teacher, actor, volunteer… when we can catch you, that is! Your friends have learned to see you on the run! If people want to be around you then take a number, please! Your volunteer work is as varied as your personalities! The word ‘boredom’ is not in your vocabulary.

Famous Fellow Gemini’s:

May 24, 1819 – Queen Victoria – British Royalty (thanks for the holiday!)
May 24, 1941 – Bob Dylan – Singer
June 12, 1929 – Anne Frank – Holocaust victim & famous writer
June 14, 1946 – Donald Trump – Entrepreneur
June 20, 1972 – Nichole Kidman – Actress
June 21, 1982 – Prince William – British Royalty

Volunteer Guide:

Click on any of the categories below to browse volunteer opportunities that will suit your unique personality:
Tutoring, Arts & Culture, One-Day Opportunities, One-to-One Support, Special Events. These are only suggestions and you can surely find many more to keep you occupied! Check out a full listing of opportunities here!

Not a Gemini?

Check back next month for Cancer’s Volunteering Horoscope or click below.

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I am a Leo!


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