Volunteer Voices: Something for Everyone

On our blog, we like to feature success stories that our fellow community members encounter while using Volunteer Ottawa’s services. Ulyana, VO’s Volunteers with Disabilities Coordinator was contacted by Scott to help him find a meaningful volunteer opportunity. Ulyana refers to him as “the perfect volunteer”. Let’s see what he has to say:

Scott“At the start of this year, as a cancer survivor, my health had improved significantly.  While I was still a patient that required monthly treatments, I found that I now had the time and energy to offer and share with others.  Volunteer Ottawa proved to be very helpful to me.  I used this organization to seek and apply to websites listing volunteer organizations.  I sought volunteer areas suitable to me, and the time that I had to offer.  Many of my notices to the agencies resulted in feedback to me,  from the agencies. 

I am very pleased with the two agencies that I accepted.

I am now offering set times to them that I can manage each week. I enjoy the volunteer work for the help I provide to others with my skills, and the enthusiasm that I feel.  I recommend Volunteer Ottawa to those individuals seeking to offer a variety of assistance in Ottawa.”

Thank you Scott!

If you are a cancer survivor and are looking to get involved with volunteering, we can help you find meaningful opportunities that fit your life and schedule as well. Call Ulyana Zanevych today at 613-736-5266 x 157


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Voices: Something for Everyone

  1. As one of the organizations lucky enough to work with Scott I have to concur with Ulyana’s description of him as “the perfect volunteer”. Thank you Volunteer Ottawa for putting us in touch with each other. Scott, we really enjoyed your involvement and you saw for yourself what a huge impact your presence made!

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