Volunteers wanted to help low-income families have vacations

The Ottawa Citizen had a great article about Youth Volunteers and one of our member organizations, Waupoos Farm, here’s a little snippet and a link to the full article.

OTTAWA — An Ottawa high school student wants to help a local charity, but he’s having a tough time getting others to join his cause.

Matthew Naveda belongs to the first graduating class at St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School. The 17-year-old wants his fellow graduates to come together on a volunteer project to help rebuild the barn at Waupoos Family Farm, a 60-hectare spread of land near Manotick Station that provides affordable vacations for low-income families. Naveda, who’s working with seven other teens on the project, says it could be a lesson in team-building and set a standard of community service for future graduating classes. But that standard is proving harder to set than Naveda first imagined.

Since October, the Grade 12 student said he has called and e-mailed just about everyone he can think of for help. He phoned a city councillor, his MP and several federal cabinet ministers. He tried United Way Ottawa and reached out to a number of builders, construction companies and industry associations. He even made a pitch to Holmes on Homes, the popular TV show hosted by burly general contractor Mike Holmes.

Most agree fixing up the barn is a noble cause, but none has so far pledged any meaningful support.

Naveda doesn’t want money. Instead, he’s hoping companies or industry associations will donate materials and labour, and work alongside the graduates on the project…

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