Student Achieves 40+ Hours with a Variety of Volunteer Experiences

Volunteering is addicting. When you have a meaningful volunteer experience its something that sticks with you for life. It is also not limited to your home town, volunteer efforts can be felt across the country and even across the world.

One high school student, Ian K., is a great example of this. He may not be from Ottawa or volunteering in Ottawa; but he has helped out someone in Ottawa through his participation as a guide for the blind in the CN Tower Stair Climb. Our very own, Shelley Anne Morris, has had the pleasure of working with him, as she is the person that he guides!

Ian, Shelley and Colleen (Shelley's Sister)Ian is more than just a guide. He has also helped his community in many ways and achieved more than his required 40 hours needed for graduation.  He participated in community events, including set-up for movie nights, handing out hot chocolate at skating parties and assisting at the grand opening of a local splash pad.

Weekly trips with his big dog to his grandparents’ rest home have turned into a visit with other residents, as they look forward to seeing them, too.  “He’s so big that they don’t have to lean too far out of their wheelchairs to pet him.”  Ian observed.

After graduation, Ian will be studying Carpentry and Building Renovation Technology, having already logged in many hours as an apprentice.  Ian has also done some of this work on a voluntary basis, going the distance to help people out with his skill, energy and strong work ethic.

Let’s hope that Ian’s volunteering spirit and enthusiasm spreads to other youth volunteers. Find something meaningful and you won’t want to stop helping people!


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