Happy Birthday Virgo: August 23 – September 22

VirgoYou were born to volunteer! No kidding – you find great joy in serving others. You get things right the first time with your exacting eye for detail.  You are modest, compassionate and humane. You are fair, methodical and efficient.

Your talents are limitless and you are never too busy to volunteer your services. The only problem is that everybody wants you and you never say no! You know there is enough of you to go around!

Famous Fellow Virgos:

August 25, 1930 – Sean Connery – Actor
August 26, 1910 – Mother Teresa – Missionary & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
August 28, 1965 – Shania Twain – Canadian Country Singer
August 29, 1958 – Michael Jackson – Singer
September 7, 1533 – Queen Elizabeth I – British Royalty

Volunteer Interest Guide

  • Community Outreach and Development
  • Education / Training / Tutoring
  • Event Assistance / Planning
  • Health / Medical
  • Volunteer Coordination

These are only ideas – you can find many more on your own!

To find you’re a volunteer opportunity that suits your unique personality, customize your search on volunteerottawa.ca


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