February Feature Member Of The Month! Part 2

Yesterday, we published a blog to honour Black History Month and today we want to continue to let our members shine! Our feature member today is: CANHAVE CHILDREN’S CENTRE INC. (CANadians Helping Aids Victims with Education)

CANHAVE CHILDREN’S CENTRE INC. (CANadians Helping Aids Victims with Education)

CANHAVE is a Canadian-Ugandan partnership that enables the most vulnerable to survive and thrive. We are planting and nurturing seeds of hope that foster dignity and the leadership of tomorrow

CANHAVE is an all-volunteer organization with minimal overhead.  Without volunteers we would simply not exist. On our small and personal scale you can experience the joy of making the world a better place, one Ugandan child at a time.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Communications (media, website and donor relations)
  • Planning, Policy Development and Governance

Jan Sheridan is an active fundraiser CANHAVE.  “Having seen for myself the gratitude of the CANHAVE supported children, the calibre of the volunteers both in Uganda and Canada, and the fiscal responsibility of the organization, I have been energized to use my talents as a fundraiser for CANHAVE–making presentations, creating crafts and selling.  It is meaningful volunteering.  “

One of our first students was Robert Kiyaga.  He lost both parents to AIDS when he was 8. Robert graduated from Secondary 6 in 2009. He is now studying to be a clinical officer at the Kabale Institute of Health Sciences.  In a recent letter he wrote “I have really written this letter to thank you very, very much my dear friends and guardians for the work you are doing to see that I and my fellow CANHAVE siblings succeed in life.  I pray that this message reaches all of you that care and wish that I become a Doctor which I longed to be from my childhood.”

For more information on CANHAVE visit http://www.canhave.org


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