February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month.  Heart disease and stroke take 1 in 3 Canadians before their time and it is the #1 killer of women. Together, we can give all Canadians the longer, fuller lives they deserve.

The Heart and Stroke Association needs volunteers  to make this annual event a success, raising funds and awareness.  Your gift of just a few hours helps us all get more time.

Volunteer Drivers help by picking up canvassing kits, delivering them to volunteers and retrieving them at the end of the campaign.  Volunteer Captains are needed to organize a group of approximately 8-10 canvassers in a specific area; calling canvassers, delivering  their kits,  checking in during the campaign and later retrieving the kits.  Volunteer canvassers fan out in neighbourhoods all across the Ottawa area, canvassing 25-30 houses.  A great way to get active, meet others and help a great cause.  Contact Linda Veenstra lveenstra@hsf.on.ca.

Heart Month is [as we say] “out the door” meaning that approx. 4000 people will be hitting the streets of Ottawa/environs….we’ve had a great response from a lot of sources including Vol Ott so thank you for that partnership.

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE A LIFELINE OF HOPE.  Their commitment is vital to our mission of eliminating heart disease and stroke for all Canadians.  Go to: www.heartandstroke.ca to volunteer.


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