Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Pisces! February 20 – March 18

Hey Pisces, it’s now your time of year. You are self motivated and very skilled in the things that you do. A Pisces believes in the flow of things and rational mind. You love to help others; your gifted socialization, classic sympathy, and high creativity will be just the push you need to get out there and volunteer!

Some people who share your sign are:

Drew Barrymore February 22nd, 1975 – Actress

Jensen Ackles March 1st, 1978 – Actor

Johnny Knoxville March 11th 1971 – Actor/TV personality

Dakota Fanning February 23rd, 1994 – Actor

Kurt Cobain February 20th, 1967 – Musician

Here are some opportunities that suit you well:

Art Program Volunteer – Christie Lake Kids

Scrapbooking Assistant – Extendicare New Orchard Lodge

Volunteer Craft Leader – The Good Companions

Newcomer Youth Program – Catholic Center for Immigrants, Ottawa

You can search hundreds of other opportunities and customize your volunteer search on Volunteer Ottawa’s website.


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