Featured Member: Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa

Spring is in the air, and as the city literally turns green we are taking the opportunity to feature an organization who is trying to achieve the same result.

Ecology Ottawa was founded in 2006 and has grown to become the largest organization in Ottawa that works to make the city an environmentally friendly place to live. They strive to achieve their goals through educating people about environmental issues, and through community-based initiatives.

Currently Ecology Ottawa is running the Building Community Power program which encourages communities to increase their reliance on renewable energy sources and decrease their overall energy usage. Ecology Ottawa is also involved with the Community Energy Network of Eastern Ontario, which promotes sustainable energy practises across Eastern Ontario and support green collar jobs.

As a small non-profit, Ecology Ottawa relies on over 300 volunteers to be the foundation for most of their activities. Working as a volunteer with this organization is rewarding as the volunteer can see the positive changes occurring in their neighbourhood as a direct result of their efforts.

Volunteering with Ecology Ottawa also offers a fantastic opportunity to get to know your own community better by meeting with neighbours to raise awareness of environmental issues. There are a large variety of volunteering positions available with Ecology Ottawa, ranging from planning events such as the Green Garage Sale, Annual Dinner, and Ottawa Solar Fair to reasearch, writing, canvassing, organization of volunteers, and manning booths.

This year, Ecology Ottawa took on our ChangeTheWorld Youth Challenge, and is looking to get Ottawa high school students involved in the Spring Cleanup of the Ottawa River area in Orleans! Want to get involved? Check out the opportunity below

Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities with Ecology Ottawa.


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