Star Volunteers at Ottawa Network for Education

The Ottawa Network for Education is the only centralized, multi-board school volunteer program in Canada that addresses the increasing demands and declining resources that are part of our public education, while fostering stronger community linkages. More than 1,500 seniors, university students, retirees, New Canadians and other members of our communities are meaningfully engaged in elementary, intermediate and high school curriculums in either official language within the Ottawa region. Matched to a school of their choice volunteers work with individual students or in small groups under the direction of a teacher.

Shaun Turney, Volunteer Piano Teacher


“I love volunteering as a piano teacher with Heart of the City Piano because it’s a great way to be involved in my local community. It’s so rewarding to see the students improve over the year, and to see how proud they are of their accomplishments!”

– Shaun Turney, Volunteer Piano Teacher


Clyde Goodlet, Volunteer Math Tutor

“When I first started tutoring, I was working with a young lady in grade 4. We worked on the JUMP fractions unit from October until February, and by the end of that time her self-confidence had improved considerably along with her ability to handle fractions and all of the skills that entails. I would see her in the hall at her school after that and ask how things were going. Towards the end of that year I asked if she was doing fractions yet in class. She told me that they had just finished that unit and that one day her teacher had posed a fraction problem that was so hard that even the smartest boy in the class could not figure out the answer. And then with the biggest smile you can imagine she told me that she was able to figure it out and show the smartest boy how to solve the problem. That smile will probably keep me volunteering in the program for another ten years or so!”

– Clyde Goodlet, Volunteer Math Tutor


Hassana Bakare Classroom Support Volunteer

“Early learning is about living and growing in the world of the children, it is a commitment to success of the future generation. Taking children through the journey of learning is like sowing a seed of flower that get dispersed far and wide.
I have also had the opportunity to work with a new student in the class. We worked on reading, naming and identifying weather and days on the calendar. My support provides one to one interaction and help to complete activities needed to catch up with others in the class. It is a wonderful experience volunteering in Ms. Way’s class; she is a teacher by example. Her classroom is characterized by high moral values; every moment with her is a teachable moment.”

– Hassana Bakare Classroom Support Volunteer


- Art Ferri, Classroom Support Volunteer


“I volunteer in the Kindergarten class at Elgin Street Public School. To me, 4 and 5 year old children are the real people of the world, so honest, trusting , so worldly in a simple way, so clearly individual, and so caring of each other. … It is a wonderful privilege to be with them.”

– Art Ferri, Classroom Support Volunteer


Want to get involved and become one of their Star Volunteers? Here are some current opportunities:


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