Volunteer Horoscope: Happy Birthday Taurus!

April 21 to May 20

Taurus Image

You greatly appreciate art and culture, Taurus, and can spend hours looking at relics from the past. So, why not volunteer to spend a few hours a week as a docent at a local art gallery or natural history museum? You might also enjoy indulging your earthy sensibilities by helping to grow vegetables at a community garden or organic farm, or by grooming sheep, milking goats and cows or cleaning stalls at a 4-H Club or county fair.

Some Famous Taurus:

David Boreanaz, Actor – May 16
Queen Elizabeth II – April 21
George Clooney, Actor – May 6
Leonardo DaVinci – April 23
Sigmund Freud – May 6
Fred Astair – May 10

Here are some volunteer opportunities you may find interesting:

Pet Therapy Volunteer @ Carlingview Manor
Animal Care & Feeding @ Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge
Special Events Assistant – Victoria Day Jubilee Tea @ Nepean Museum
Gallery Sitter @ SAW Video Media Art Centre


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