Brand Respect: Telling Your Organization’s Story Through Photography

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, are you telling the right story?

Workshop: Brand Respect

Volunteer Ottawa is hosting an incredible workshop May 1st which will help you tell your story through photography.

A photo can make you smile, it can make you think, and most of all, it can build your presence. What is the face of your organization? In a world that has little time to read, photography conveys information and complex brand ideas in an instant. The style of photography, use of photographic metaphor, and selection of environment all inform your visual brand, making it effortless for your audiences to consume.

This workshop is open to anyone. Even if you’re not working at an organization, this workshop can teach you tricks and techniques to make your every day photography really pop.

Join Dwayne Brown as he takes you through the steps and discussion on how to use photography in its most powerful form. Dwayne is an Ottawa based commercial/corporate photographer who will be discussing the power and value of simple authentic photography to help elevate and enhance an organization’s brand.

Find out all the details and register here

Want to see how one Journalist took photography to a whole new level? Read this article, this could be you!


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