A Big Volunteer Rendez-Vous Thanks!

Volunteer Rendez-Vous 2012Volunteer Ottawa hosted its 4th annual Volunteer Rendezvous on Wednesday, April 18 as part of our celebration of National Volunteer Week.

During this two-hour event, volunteers met with representatives from 11 of our member organizations at our office. Volunteers with skills, interests and experience were brought together with organizations in need of volunteer help.

This year, we emphasized one-day, short-term and on-the-spot volunteer opportunities; a number of our organizations have short-term assignments, requiring many volunteers during the summer months. Each organization gave a brief presentation, describing available volunteer opportunities.  After the presentations, conversation and coffee flowed as face-to-face chats took place.

There were a wide variety of volunteer positions to be filled, including distributing brochures as a front-of-house volunteer, caring for plants, educating  the public about animal well-being, assisting expectant mothers who are newly arrived in Canada, delivering meals to seniors, encouraging road safety, working within a camp for children living with cancer and participating in events celebrating Ottawa’s rich heritage.

We would like to thank the representatives of the following organizations for taking time out of a very busy week to come and meet with the volunteers.

Volunteer Ottawa staff and volunteers pulled together to help make the Rendezvous a success!

We are grateful to Corey, manager of our neighbourhood Starbucks on Coventry Road for supplying coffee for our event.


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