We Volunteer: Ottawa Bluesfest

For the last few weeks, our Membership Coordinator Shelley set out on her yearly Bluesfest Volunteering. Here’s what she had to say:

2012 marked my 10th year as a Bluesfest volunteer. I served nine years with Info Booth, and one year with the newly-created Accessibility or “A” Team. While there have been many changes, some things remain the same.

What’s changed? There are more volunteers as well as opportunities to choose from. Becoming a volunteer has evolved from an informal “ask” at info booth to an intricate online application form. The daily check-in process, distribution of t-shirts, handbooks and orientation run like clockwork! The quality and variety of our meals has improved immensely. Volunteers are kept well informed via the Bluesfest’s website, apps/social media and email messages.

What stays the same? There are excellent shows and ample opportunity to see them. Our returning Area Leader and Assistant are incredible. Our team of fellow volunteers are an upbeat, outgoing group, many returning year after year. As a volunteer, I have always felt welcomed and recognized.

Lauryn Hill at Bluesfest

Photo Credit: A. Campeau

Most Memorable Performance this Year: My area leader, Liz, invited me to sit on stage during the Lauryn Hill performance. Being able to see a sea of people for what seemed like forever really put it into perspective as to what these artists face. Her kids were on stage too, and that was fun to see.

Thanks so much for a great experience!
Shelley Ann Morris


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