Featured Member: The Glebe Centre

The Glebe Centre is a non-profit Long Term Care Facility situated in the heart of the Glebe, across from Lansdowne Park. It provides full-time care to residents, as well as providing activities and programming in an integrated community setting. Abbotsford House, part of the Glebe Centre, is a Community and Leisure Resource Centre for adults 50 plus. Abbotsford House also offers day away programs for adults with dementia.

Volunteers are an essential part of the delivery of care and services at The Glebe Centre. We are grateful to over 300 exceptional volunteers who enhance the lives of our residents, members and clients and contribute over 24,000 hours of their time each year. Volunteers work in a variety of meaningful and satisfying roles that supplement and enrich our programs and services.

Volunteer roots can be traced back to 1887 when the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. This has expanded to include diverse members of the local community, including students, residents, family members, residents’ friends, community members, corporations, staff and clients.

Want to volunteer at the Glebe Centre? Here are some current opportunities:


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