Elaine Lund – a Tribute

Volunteer Ottawa is saddened to announce the passing of one of our long-time volunteers, Elaine Lund.

Elaine Lund

Elaine Lund volunteered to write our weekly Volunteer Round Up column from 1999 until 2011.  This involved extracting information from our member organizations’ volunteer requests and creating succinct, catchy and well-worded paragraphs.  The Round Up is one of our most valuable tools, used to help our member agencies to attract much-needed volunteers.  Elaine had an eye for detail and accuracy, making sure all the pertinent facts appeared in each Round Up she wrote.

Elaine also contributed to the life of Volunteer Ottawa in many other ways—contributing numerous bottles of her ‘gramma jam’ and chutney to our bake sales and  was always willing to help out in many ways.

Elaine passed away on November 12. She was known for her involvement in her church community and many volunteer pursuits, her love of cats, books and words, theatre, travel and her family.   She will be greatly missed by all whose lives she touched.


2 thoughts on “Elaine Lund – a Tribute

  1. I am sad to read this news. Elaine’s company was a bright spot in my week during the years I worked at Volunteer Ottawa. She was a wonderful lady who lived life to the fullest, which to her clearly meant giving as much as she could to help others.

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