Featured Member: Music for Life Fundraising Concerts

Music for Life Fundraising Concerts


Music for Life Fundraising Concerts‘ focus is to provide cancer benefit concerts across Canada to raise funds to help local cancer or hospital foundations. Their concerts also provide a venue to help local artists & entertainers to donate their time and talents within their communities, as well as other communities.

It was founded by Rose Carty in November 2006 in honour of so many dear members of her family. Her vision was to bring fundraising and music together in support of research and development for breast cancer.

Since 2007, their passion and drive has continued to bring these fundraising concerts to additional cities to help more people touched by cancer.

Want to get involved? Mark your calendars! They have a concert on April 6th at the eart & Crown on Preston.

Want to volunteer with them? They’re looking for the following positions:


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