ChangeTheWorld: Why I Volunteer – Ousmane

Youth Volunteer Ousmane

Written by Youth Advisory Member Ousmane

There are only a few reasons I volunteer. On the top of that lonely list would be the new experiences I will have with different people, different places and new ways of thinking. I enjoy changes and starting all over, it keeps me looking forward.

Obviously there is the 40 hours for us high school students, which to be honest is the only reason I gave an effort to give a helping hand. However, I have had a change of heart. I don’t see volunteering as a chore anymore. I see 40 as a starting point to something bigger.

I’d like to be known not just around the community but all over Ottawa. Most students want to be a great leader someday and this is my way of planting my seeds of awesomeness.

Aside from all my selfish talk, I really do want to help the community grow even stronger than it is. There have been many times when I needed help and I didn’t get it. There have also been many people have asked me for help and I couldn’t return. Volunteering will return that sense of satisfaction I get when someone gives me “that” look. I’m happy , the clients are happy and everything is rainbows and sunshine. The cycle then continues and the community grows stronger and livelier.


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