Matching skills & interests: key to making a long-term volunteer commitment?

SEP_2922Did you know that 7 out of 10 Canadian adults volunteered for a charitable organization during the past year?

The results come from a study released Tuesday by BMO Financial Group. The nationwide poll found people’s top reason for volunteering was a desire to give back to the community. Other commonly cited motivations included a sense of duty, meeting new people, reducing stress and gaining professional experience.

Lee Soda, executive director of Agincourt Community Services Association in Toronto, believes that the key to volunteerism is is to match people to the right position, which will in turn make them feel more valued.

“Volunteers need to be placed into positions that correspond with their interests, abilities and expertise,” said Soda. “It’s important that we integrate them into the organizational fabric as cohesively as we can.”

Why do you volunteer? Are you more likely to continue in a volunteer position if you feel your interests/skills have been well-matched?

Read the full story here (via the Edmonton Journal).

Volunteer Ottawa links people with community organizations, in hopes that both parties will benefit. Click here to get matched with the right opportunity for you!


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